Julie’s spiritual journey

Julie Studebaker’s spiritual journey

I recently discovered that I was a “vasectomy baby” – born soon after my Dad’s vasectomy!  Hearing that was a confirmation of what I sensed all along – that God had a special purpose for my life.

I came to know Christ personally at church camp at age 13.  I was heavily involved in church as a youth. However, I also experienced tremendous heartache around this time.  First, my parents went through a very bitter divorce, and I had to go live with my mother.  Second, my new step-Father abused me and (of course) hurt me tremendously.  Finally, I experienced deep rejection from my friends at school.  So I learned early in my spiritual journey to pray to God, asking him to heal me and to forgive those who had wounded me.

The Lord has been so good to me over the years.  I experienced a difficult marriage (to an unfaithful husband), but God has healed me from this as well.  He led me to my current husband and we enjoy a fabulous marriage. I’ve discovered my calling through my work on the radio and with Bridge Ministries.  I love sharing my passion for Christ through media and through my gift of hospitality!